Snowball Fights and Bobble Hats

Enjoy the snow around the hotel in Leogang

You feel the butterflies in your stomach... count your snowballs once again to be sure.
Twelve! Very good! The snow barricade looks stable and your gloves are still warm and dry. A feeling of childlike anticipation combines with thrilling excitement in the cool, clear winter air. Your snowball fight against the beautiful backdrop of the icy white Alps will begin shortly. Your little adversaries are well equipped.
But you have a secret weapon: an additional 30 years of experience!

Snow flurries in the alpine mountains

See the Alps from a sleigh

The snow stirs up wildly under your horse-drawn sleigh.
Cuddled up and wrapped in a soft sheepskin and wool blanket, you and your family will enjoy the fairy-tale-like views of the snowy alpine setting surrounding Leogang.
Amidst the perfect wintry tranquillity, the only sounds in this hushed Salzburg winter wonderland are the warm huffing of the horses and the quiet jingle of sleigh bells.

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