Adults Only Sauna House

The exclusive oasis of peace for adults only

Undisturbed at last... The Adults Only Sauna House is the insider tip at Puradies. Only adults (16 and up) are allowed access and can indulge in the feeling of being free of responsibility for a few hours. The atmosphere is relaxed, the design bears the typically-Puradies natural signature, there is plenty of space; four themed saunas and several relaxation rooms.

Regenerating wellness holiday at Puradies

Become part of our paradise on our sunny plateau and let nature inspire you and give you strength. Discover the newly expanded Wellness Area, Heaven Spa, with 1,500 square metres of feel-good space; the Sauna House, the Outdoor Infinity Pool with indoor entrance, separate Kids’ Pool, Fireplace Lounge and many hidden relaxation nooks and crannies and cosy bunks. The Heaven Spa folds itself around the Natural Bathing Pond and the Wellness Garden.

Finnish Sauna

The hottest and largest sauna in the Sauna World of the Heaven Spa with a view of the garden. The magnificent stone mountains rise above the pines and bushes. Pure enjoyment at approximately 80 degrees.

Pine Steam Room

The higher humidity makes you sweat faster at approximately 45-60 degrees. Your gaze wanders north, to the famous panorama of the Leoganger Steinberge.

Herbal Sauna

At gentler temperatures of approximately 55-65 degrees, enjoy automatic herbal infusions that take you on a dream journey across alpine meadows and herb gardens.

Earth Sauna

At the end of a corridor, the Earth Sauna opens up at approximately 55-65 degrees. Here the gaze cannot wander far at the mountain pines and bushes. Instead, it turns back to look inwards - or at the surprising view opposite...

And afterwards? Step into the wonderful wetness of the Puradies Water World

Refresh yourself after a sauna session in the Natural Bathing Pond or simply in the fresh air on the platforms and terraces. Or take a few pleasurable laps in the new Outdoor Infinity Pool.

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Spa day at Puradies

Dive in for a full day. You can do just that in the Heaven Spa. Book your "little wellness holiday" at Puradies as a spa day and enjoy the entire Wellness Area: the Adults Only area with four themed saunas, the Water World, the Fireplace Lounge, the garden with the Natural Bathing Pond and the Fitness Centre.

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Soothing massages and effective treatments

The massages and beauty treatments are the jewels of Heaven Spa, designed for people who love to be pampered. The natural wellness at the Heaven Spa is based on three pillars: Core & Real, Emotional & Mindful, and Surprising & Inspiring. We will be happy to advise you before your arrival and reserve your desired appointment. Contact us at Tel. +43 6583 8275 or email:

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