Hotel with guest garden and gourmet restaurant in the early morning.

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multiple timespans
2 Bookable periods
05.02.2024 till 10.11.2024
08.12.2024 till 30.03.2025
3 nights
Babymoon at Puradies
per person
from€ 870,-
multiple timespans
3 Bookable periods
02.06.2024 till 28.06.2024
08.09.2024 till 10.11.2024
04.12.2024 till 20.12.2024
3-7 nights
Holiday with the little ones
per person/night
from€ 185,-
multiple timespans
4 Bookable periods
19.05.2024 till 30.05.2024
03.06.2024 till 28.06.2024
30.06.2024 till 12.07.2024
25.08.2024 till 06.09.2024
5 nights
family paradise at the nature resort
per person
from€ 855,-